I [[t]di͟ːl[/t]] QUANTIFIER USES
1) QUANT: QUANT of n-uncount/def-n (emphasis) If you say that you need or have a great deal of or a good deal of a particular thing, you are emphasizing that you need or have a lot of it.

...a great deal of money...

I am in a position to save you a good deal of time.

ADV: ADV compar, ADV after v
Deal is also an adverb.

As a relationship becomes more established, it also becomes a good deal more complex... He depended a great deal on his wife for support.

Deal is also a pronoun.

Although he had never met Geoffrey Hardcastle, he knew a good deal about him.

2) QUANT: QUANT of n-uncount A deal of something is a lot of it. [OLD-FASHIONED]

He had a deal of work to do.

II [[t]di͟ːl[/t]] VERB AND NOUN USES
deals, dealing, dealt
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1) N-COUNT If you make a deal or do a deal, you complete an agreement or an arrangement with someone, especially in business.

Japan will have to do a deal with America on rice imports...

The two sides tried and failed to come to a deal...

He was involved in shady business deals...

You're not going to get out of here unless we make a deal.

2) VERB If a person, company, or shop deals in a particular type of goods, their business involves buying or selling those goods.

[V in n] They deal in antiques...

[V in n] ...the rights of our citizens to hold and to deal in foreign currency.

3) VERB If someone deals illegal drugs, they sell them.

[V n] I certainly don't deal drugs.

Derived words:
dealing N-UNCOUNT oft n N

...his involvement in drug dealing and illegal money laundering.

4) N-COUNT: adj N If someone has had a bad deal, they have been unfortunate or have been treated unfairly.

The people of Liverpool have had a bad deal for many, many years.

5) VERB If you deal playing cards, you give them out to the players in a game of cards.

[V n n] The croupier dealt each player a card, face down...

[V n] He once dealt cards in an illegal gambling joint .

Deal out means the same as deal.

V P n (not pron) Dalton dealt out five cards to each player.

6) PHRASE: V inflects If an event deals a blow to something or someone, it causes them great difficulties or makes failure more likely. [JOURNALISM]

The summer drought has dealt a heavy blow to the government's economic record...

The French were dealt another blow yesterday when Serge Viars withdrew from the squad.

7) See also , wheel and deal
a raw dealsee raw
Phrasal Verbs:

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